Unique learners are often not recognized for their gifts and struggle to soar to the heights of their abilities in our society. Those who are both gifted and learning disabled tend to face the greatest challenges. From the beginning of their formal school years, unique learners find themselves facing challenges in a society and school environment which often neither recognize nor foster exceptionalities.

Although protected by Federal and State Statutes, unique learners with special needs often do not get the evaluation and support services they need to thrive. School aged learners are often misunderstood and mislabeled, thus floundering in an unstructured environment, often suffering from the emotional impact of their differences. As they reach adulthood, those learners have to combat societal misconceptions about their abilities. They thus struggle to obtain the education/training required to maintain jobs and personal relationships.

Established in 1980, Child and Family Psychological Services, a Wisconsin State Certified Mental Clinic, has been offering assessment, diagnosis, outpatient, mental health treatment, advocacy, referrals and information necessary for unique learners to successfully reach their life goals. Those services have assisted numerous individuals locally, nationally and around the world to use their neurodiversity successfully and prevent the impact of their differences upon their mental health.

As of the start of 2017, we are now fortunate to have added bilingual clinicians to our Clinic, thus also providing critically needed services to our child, adolescent and adult clients.